Panagiotis Zaverdinos

Panagiotis Zaverdinos


Panagiotis Zaverdinos serves as the Head of the Medical Physics department at the Metropolitan Hospital in Athens. His work currently focuses in advanced external radiation treatment techniques, MRI based brachytherapy and patient’s treatment QA.

After studying physics at the University of Crete, he joined University of Surrey, UK, for his Master of Science in Medical Physics. The physics of field dosimetry and radiotherapy treatment techniques were his lever points which led his dedication to radiotherapy.

Prior to Metropolitan’s position, he worked as a radiation protection officer in Brachytherapy department at Iaso Hospital in Athens. He has been efficiently trained for IMRT – IGRT treatments and linac based stereotaxy, while he was daily involved with treatment planning, radiation dosimetry as well as departmental QA tasks.

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